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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Miracles do happen..an update from Madagascar

Remember Minette and Miliarne?  Those amazing young girls who were fistula patients in Madagascar last year? If you don't remember them, these are the links to first Minette's story: http://africandunnes.blogspot.com/2015/11/minette.html

Minette (left) and Miliarne - last year before the ship sailed
This was where we left them.  Fortunately, our good friend, Natalie, has stayed in Madagascar and is  working at the clinic founded by Mercy Ships, now operated by Freedom from Fistula.  What is even better is since we know Natalie, we get to hear about the patients that were not yet healed when we sailed out of Madagascar.

So first for Miliarne.  I am not a medical person - the details of Miliarne's fistula are lost on me.  However, there are some things I understand - they are universal.  I understood the tears when Miliarne was leaving the HOPE Centre last year - because there was nothing more Mercy Ships could do to repair her fistula.  And I understood that there was still a glimmer of hope that Freedom from Fistula may have a "super surgeon" who would look at her case.  

A crew member recently gave an update on Miliarne - letting us all know that several different surgeons had examined her and decided that the surgery was not possible.  So, with this in mind, one surgeon decided to take one last look to be sure that there really was nothing that could be done to repair her injuries.  And amazingly enough, they were no longer there.  No fistula.  No scar tissue.  All gone.  All healed.  A total miracle.  Amazing.

Natalie - now heading up the Obstetric Fistula clinic
Now for Minette - only a partial update but one full of hope.  I saw a text message from Natalie stating that Minette was having surgery today - 12th April in Madagascar.  They were covering Minette in prayer and really hopeful of a similar outcome to Miliarne. I know that God is a God who can heal because He did the impossible with Miliarne.  Several Doctors - all with the same opinion - declared Miliarne inoperable and not heal-able and that was without surgery. So please pray for a positive outcome for Minette. Pray for the Doctors and the Nurses - for wisdom and discernment.  Pray for complete healing.

Now Natalie is enjoying some much earned rest at home in Chicago - so we may not know how Minette's surgery went for a few more days.  However, when I do hear from her, I will make sure to let you know.

And an even newer update from Natalie - and a beautiful postscript to this story:- Best wake up news ever:

Thanks for your prayers.  God is good!

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